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Artisan Reunion Tour

What a great tour. We enjoyed every minute, in 2015 and 2016 when we did two festivals to fulfil obligations left over from when we had to cancel Stainsby and Music on the Marr following Brian's unfortunate DIY accident. (He's better, now, thanks for your concern).

A very special thanks to all the club, arts centre and festival organisers who put us on in 2015 and 2016, and double thanks to everyone who came out to see us and bough CDs and DVDs.

"Our Back Yard is a treasure box of social commentary done a cappella. If you're intrigued with lyrics and the purity of the human voice, it's for you." - Crossroads Magazine, USA

"I would cheerfully sell my soul to the Devil for Hilary Spencer's voice." - Shirefolk

"Tremendous in their sheer ability to sing and entertain." - Venue Magazine

"A velvety tenderness that no other harmony group comes near." - Taplas Magazine, (Wales)

Artisan at Summerfolk

Is a reunion tour every five years getting to be a habit? When Artisan hung up their tonsils in November 2005 they weren't adamant about saying: Never again, but they knew they were going to wait for the right time to do a reunion tour. They were persuaded out of retirement in July, August and September 2010, and had a fabulous time. What a tour! A tour-de-force, in fact. And then April to early October 2015.

"Artisan isn't a hard act to follow. All I have to do now is get up here on stage and burst into flames." - Valdy, Canada.

"The harmony work is sharp and unfussy, the words are worth listening to, the tunes are good and the group convey a real energy and enthusiasm in their singing." - Nick Beale, fRoots, UK.

The songs are, as much of Artisan's material, humorous but with a deeper meaning lurking below the surface. You'll have your fun but you'll come away with a deeper understanding of the issues being sung about. And, as always, the harmonies of Jacey Bedford, Brian Bedford and Hilary Spencer are as wonderfully tuneful and rhythmic as any to be found on the folk scene today. - Dirty Linen, USA


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